Core Values

Loyalty – We believe in our vision and mission. We are committed those we serve. The needs of our troops and their families are our number one priority.

Integrity – Our values are of the highest moral standards. We are honest and fair and take responsibility for our actions. We interact with one another and others in ways that are respectful and ethical.

Belonging – We are motivated to help others feel included and accepted as part of a group.

Excellence – We believe in the quality and standards outlined in our mission. We strive to exceed expectations and to continually work to improve our services.

Resilience – We draw on our strengths and the support of others to cope with others vulnerability. We assist those who are in need of support or suffering from a loss with dignity and respect.

Teamwork – We believe in the power of working together to achieve a common goal through trust and accountability. We work with others to maintain a positive environment for the troops and their families.

Yielding – We believe in working in a considerate and flexible manner. We are responsive to the requests of others and encourage individuality.