Frequently Asked Questions

What does the USO stand for?

USO stands for United Service Organization.

Is the USO an agency of the Federal Government?
No. The USO is a nonprofit, charitable corporation chartered by Congress in 1941 that relies on donations from individuals, organizations and corporations to support its programs.

Will the USO ship a homemade care package?
No, we will not ship a care package you assemble.  However, we do invite Ambassadors to assist in the collection, assembly and fundraising for our care package effort for Christmas in July (May – June). You can contact Kristen Lowe for more information at

How can I volunteer for the USO?
Volunteers play a crucial role at the USO. Volunteers provided comfort, care and support in over 60 counties across 2 different states. From welcoming home deployed troops to providing support for individual service members and their families at USO centers. Find out more information about volunteering in Pennsylvania and Southern NJ at

How can I contribute to the Liberty USO?
A tax-deductible donations to the Liberty USO can be made online via a secure server or by calling 1-215.365.8010.  If you prefer to mail your donation, please send a check or money order made payable to “Liberty USO” to:

USO of Pennsylvania and Southern NJ
PA National Guard Armory
2700 Southampton Road, Room 228
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Is my contribution tax deductible:
Yes. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by federal law.

Can I use the USO logo to fundraise on your behalf?
The USO, the USO logo and tagline are registered trademarks of the United Service Organizations, Inc. Use of the name, logo and/or tagline without written permission of the USO is prohibited. Approval for use of the USO logo may be requested from the USO Communications Department. Contact USO Communications at 703-908-6400 or send an e-mail to