Collection Programs and Team Building Activities

In addition to the following specific Collection programs, Liberty USO collects various items throughout the year to help offset program and operating costs. For a list of items for please email Kristen Lowe, Programs & Events Manager, at

Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program:

POC for Eastern PA:
POC for Central PA:
POC for Southern NJ:

For more than six decades – from World War II through Vietnam to the Gulf War – Bob Hope traveled the world, visiting remote outposts and isolated battleships to put on USO shows to support our nation’s service members and their families. His passion and commitment for helping keep troops and families stay connected from halfway around the globe lives on today.

The Bob Hope Legacy is proud to partner with the USO to create the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program. In the spirit of Bob Hope and his dedication for bringing military families together, the program is largely driven by virtual, on-demand story time offerings that will help the USO extend its reach and connect an estimated 23,000 military families around the globe through reading this year.

The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program focuses on:

  • Bringing story time on demand around the globe. Thanks to the generous support of the Bob Hope Legacy, the USO is able to help service members read to their children from around the world. When a service member stationed in the deserts of Kuwait misses the birth of his child, the USO is there to provide that powerful connection back home. Through the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program, that service member is able to read his newborn daughter a bed-time story from halfway around the globe. Service members can walk into participating USO locations, record themselves reading their child’s favorite story and have that recording shipped home.
  • Helping military kids stay connected through reading. Recognizing the challenges military children often face when dealing with separation, the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program makes it possible for military kids to add a new book to their own library and share story time with someone they love by recording themselves reading. The USO sends the recording to the child’s special loved one, helping bring families together no matter the miles that may separate them.
  • Supporting local reading programs in many USO locations around the world. Local reading programs are designed to serve the unique needs of each military community. For some locations, the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program gives military spouses dealing with a loved one’s deployment a chance to spend some time with other families in similar situations. Other program events encourage kids to use their creativity and complete a craft that complements a story’s theme. No matter where service may take our nation’s military families, the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program is dedicated to helping bridge that distance.

Thanksgiving Baskets

Sign up: Now-November; Collected: No later than the second week of November; Distributed: Week Prior to thanksgiving
Costs/Collection: Turkey fixings and gift card for turkey purchase

Liberty USO provides Thanksgiving Baskets to military families in need. If you are interested in providing a thanksgiving basket you will be required to make a basket including a gift card for turkey, boxed stuffing, boxed potatoes, canned vegetables, gravy, yams, spray butter, pie mix, dessert mixes, apple juice, cranberry sauce, hot chocolate packets, and marshmallows. We will not be excepting actual turkey’s this year. Gift cards only please.

Adopt a Family (Winter Holiday Program)

Sign up: Now-November; Collected: No later than the second week of December;
Distributed: third week of December
Costs/Collection: Vary based on size of the family and suggested gifts

During the holiday season, some military families are struggling to provide gifts for their families.

The military service member will supply a suggested wish list of items for each of the families members. Groups that chose to adopt a family must obtain items from the wish list to best of their ability. Based on confidentiality we will only provide number of family members, ages, and genders if provided by the service members.

USO Hygiene Kits

Sign up: *Anytime; Collection: Anytime; Program: Year round
Costs/Collection: Hygiene products

Liberty USO has mini hygiene kits that need contents. Please help us collect items to fill these kits. Items: Basic To Go Toilet Paper, travel toothpaste, disposable razor, 2 shave cream packets, 2 lens cleaning towelettes, mini toothbrush packaged, cap for toothbrush, small roll on deodorant alcohol free 1.5 oz., sunscreen 1 fl. Oz, hand & body lotion 2 fl. Oz bottle, mild shampoo 2 fl. Oz. bottle, Instant hand sanitizer 1.5 fl oz. bottle. Liberty USO will provide the kits themselves. This program is year-round need and collection can be tailored to a timeframe that works best for your group.

Rucksacks to Backpacks

POC for Eastern PA:
POC for Central PA:
POC for Southern NJ:

USO of Pennsylvania and Southern NJ delivers back to school supplies and backpacks to school aged military kids prior to returning to school from summer vacation. Please help us collect backpacks filled with supplies. We ask groups/companies to set a goal of at least 100 backpacks to be fulfilled. Our goal for 2020 is 2,500 filled backpacks to distribute. We ask groups/companies to set a goal of a least 25 completed backpacks. There are 23 items included in each backpack.

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